Java Joshi - Women of the Year 2013 - India New England

Recognized at Women of the year in 2013 for contribution in Art. 

Name: Java Joshi

Hometown: Lexington, Mass.

Title/Organization:  (or company): Founder, Java Joshi Creative Arts; Creative Head, Kreative Approach Inc.

Can you tell the readers about your work and what you enjoy most about it?

Since childhood I have been inclined towards creative arts. I came to the United States to pursue a master's degree in multimedia and Web design and have a PhD in drawing and painting. I have worked at various organizations and advertising agencies as a designer and creative director. I use my creative instincts as a creative head and Web solutions director of Kreative Approach Inc. to create/enhance organization's branding from Web to print design solutions. 

After a short break with kids — I went all-in to follow my passion of painting. I am a creative spirit that enjoys expressing primarily with oil on canvas and sometimes with acrylic and pencil.

I have had the privilege of representing our country and our art in various national and international forums. I was the only artist of Indian origin that exhibited their work at the Parallex Art Fair in New York — where artists from over 80 countries and five continents were invited to showcase their work.  I have also done many solo and group painting exhibitions in and outside the United States. 

In case you haven't figured out yet — I love drawing and painting, and that's my work — I am an artist. I also founded Java Joshi Creative Arts to share my passion and teach art to students ranging from preschool to high-school. 

What I love most about my job is expressing myself using vibrant colors, spreading the love for art in little kids and promoting rich Indian heritage, culture and art across different communities. 

I am an impressionist and have done landscapes, abstract and theme based collections. I always want people to feel energized when they see my work.

To which charitable, community and professional groups do you belong and why?

I am not affiliated to any one single organization, but have had the honor and privilege to work with many such groups/organizations across Boston area and in India.  I serve on the board for Lexington Open Studios and am also affiliated with Munroe Center for the Arts and Lexington Arts and Crafts Society. 

In the last couple of years I have been donating my time and art for "en plein air" event (conducted by department of tourism) to benefit building and development of Antony Park — a garden park in Lexington's historic Tower Park. The Lexington-Antony Sister City Association is dedicated to promoting goodwill, friendship, educational, civic and cultural exchange between the people of Lexington and Antony, France. A charitable auction is conducted by department of tourism, for art created during the "en plein air" (live painting event on Lexington bike path) event to benefit various development initiatives. 

I was also invited to volunteer for charity and showcase my work at Citizens World Fair by Lexington department of tourism "Revolutionary Revelry," a month long festival celebrating arts, culture and recreation throughout Lexington. The proceeds from this event go to Lexington Food Pantry. 

From Indian communities' perspective, I actively participate both on and off-stage with Hindi Manch as a core committee member, performing in plays and directing children plays for Bal Manch. Hindi Manch as an organization does outstanding work promoting our national language, heritage and culture.  

I have also conducted many free art workshops across different community organizations teaching and spreading love for art among children.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Apart from painting I also have a passion for theatre. I have been doing theatre for over 25 years. In fact the subject of my PhD was also "The Co-relationship between Theatre and Art."

I have performed in over 250 shows of more than 50 plays and have also acted in about 15 short films. My performances have varied from anchoring and MC'ing for shows to doing street plays, skits, short plays and full length plays. I have had the opportunity to enact various characters from being a bubbly girl to an old grandmother. Sometimes very serious, to at times comic characters. 

I also have done stage design and have won awards for creative stage designs. 

And last but not the least, I like to spend quality time with my kids, family and friends.

In what way do you feel you have most positively influenced the local community and/or your company and professional field?

I believe my contributions have been through my art and expression of art. I have and would continue to promote our rich cultural heritage and art both domestic and internationally. 

Three years back when I got involved in art community of Lexington — there was very little awareness around richness of Indian culture and art, especially in local artists and art community. I have been able to change the perception and create a long lasting and positive image of Indian art and culture.

Now every person, from the director of the department of tourism to the chair of the arts and crafts society and many local artists, all have a much better appreciation for India, our art, our culture and our rich cultural heritage. I feel I have planted a seed for positive India in many creative Americans and would like to continue to promote our arts and culture in communities beyond South Asians.  

I also feel that it is very important to pass our legacy on to the next generation. For that reason, I founded Java Joshi Creative Arts," an art institute to create the next generation of artists, through which I have been sharing my knowledge of art with children from various towns like Lexington, Winchester, Woburn, Burlington, Chelmsford and Nashua, N.H. I plan to add additional activities as they relate to other forms of creative arts like theatre and music.

I feel quite gratified when I see kids expressing themselves using colors and canvas. If I can create one artist from among the many children I teach, I will feel my life has been worth something.