Immerse Yourself in Health, Welcome to the new Age of VIRTUAL REALM FITNESS

Immerse yourself in a new world to gain a new you. 

You will immersed into a virtual world were you will need to slice your way to victory to rack up the points where you to beat your fellow competitors. 
Can you get to the end of the 20+ high intensity songs without breaking a sweat? Let's see, what your made of. 

"Where your virtual world meets fitness"

Virtual Realms Fitness Coach - PETER NEAL

Hello my fellow Virtual reality enthusiast. 

I have been a gamer for the past 25 years and know every genre of game that fits a person needs. I have been engaged with Virtual reality since its inception. 

I am passionate to bring out the enjoyment of what this entertainment can bring and the emotion and excitement it can conjure.

Looking forward to getting to know you and find out what type of experience will capture your youthful spirit!

Let our gaming experience in the future world ensue.

Thanks for your interest in my work as a VR fitness Coach.

What would the experience feel like? Check out this video below…