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ACADEMY OF CREATIVE ARTS collaborates with New England School of Performing Arts to bring their Theatre Program to Burlington.


  1. The Wizard of Oz (ages 8-14)

  2. Creative Dramatics (ages 5-7)

  3. Acting 101 (ages 7-10)

  4. Acting Out Loud! (ages 10-14)



The Jungle Book : Aug 22 - Aug 26 (Full capacity due to popularity - Sign up to be on the waitlist!)

Age: 8 to 16

Day/Time: Mon to Fri 9.00 am - 3.00 pm


On Friday, we will present our fully-staged production to friends, family and the general public. Come join us on the stage!


The Wizard of Oz (ages 8-14)

Time : 4:00-6:00pm 

Dates : Sept 19th - Nov 28th, 10 Mondays (no class Oct 10th)

Tech rehearsals :  Dec 1 & Dec 2, 4 - 6pm 

Cost : $260.00

Performances- Friday, Dec 2nd @ 6:30pm and Saturday, Dec 10th @ 2pm. Tickets - $10.00. 

Class description : 

We are off to see the Wizard and we want you to come along!  Join us as we create a magical, musical performance of “The Wizard of Oz”.  During this 10-week session, you will learn the art of theatre in a supportive, nurturing environment. Gain new acting skills, develop your voice, get creative with costuming, and grow your imagination with set design. This program is truly an all-encompassing adventure. Perfect for students just beginning to seasoned performers. Come experience the magic of theatre like you never have before. 


1. Creative Dramatics (ages 5-7)

Time : 9:30 - 10:15am

Dates : Sept 24th - Nov 12th, 8 Saturdays

Fees: $140.00

Calling all creative kids! Join us for this beginning acting class that is silly, fun and super creative. Children will explore music, movement, and storytelling in a fun and supportive environment. This class will help develop creativity and confidence by playing characters and performing in a play. The session will end with a final sharing day for family and friends. 

2. Acting 101 (ages 7-10)

Time : 10:30 - 11:30am

Dates : Sept 24th - Nov 12th, 8 Saturdays

Fees:  $160.00

A beginner’s guide to acting. Learn the art of theatre while developing friendships and building self-confidence. This class will explore the basics of voice, movement, and theatrical performance. Actors collaborate, brainstorm, rehearse and perform a play for friends and family during the last class. 


3. Acting Out Loud! (ages 10-14) 

Time: 11:30-12:30am

Dates: Sept 24th - Nov 12th, 8 Saturdays

Fees: $160.00

Ready to take your acting to the next level? Come explore the imaginary world of what could be! How does a story begin? What does the character want? How do they get it? In order to act you must react, listen, observe and communicate. We will work on all these aspects of the actor’s craft and more through fun theatrical exercises and games. Building on the fundamentals for projection, articulation and body language this class will take your acting skills to the next level. A play will be presented for friends and family during the last class. 


"The New England School of Performing Arts"

Program Director Kelly Walsh - Kelly has been the Education Director at Creative Arts for the past four years. In her time there she has created the popular Theatre for Young Audiences program and has served as the Artistic Director for the Theatre Department.  Kelly has directed over twenty productions at Creative Arts such as; Seussical, The Sound of Music and Annie. Kelly is also the founder of Storytime Theatre, which performs creative stories for children ages 1-6. Her teaching background includes the Concord Youth Theatre, Malden Public Schools and the Andover School of Montessori. Prior to Creative Arts, Kelly was the co-founder of The Fairy Tale Players children’s theatre. Outside of the school, Kelly devotes her time to her online support group Heart Matters, which serves to support families with children born with Congenital Heart Defects. Kelly has also spent many years as a Wish Granter for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Photo Credit : Peg Raciti



In addition to building social and communication skills overall, involvement in drama courses and performance has been shown to improve students’ self-esteem as well as their confidence in their academic abilities. 


  • Drama activities improve reading comprehension, and both verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Students who are highly involved in drama demonstrate an elevated self-concept over those who are not involved .
  • Playwriting original works and dramatic presentation of existing works can help to build the self-esteem and communication skills of students.
  • The act of performing can help students and youth recognize their potential for success and improve their confidence
  • Drama improves academic performance - Numerous studies have demonstrated a correlation between drama involvement and academic achievement. In addition to having higher standardized test scores than their peers who do not experience the arts, student who participate in drama often experience improved reading comprehension, maintain better attendance records, and stay generally more engaged in school than their non-arts counterparts. Schools with arts-integrated programs, even in low-income areas, report high academic achievement.