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  • Sat 10 - 11 AM

  • Sat 11 - 12 PM

  • Sun 10 - 11 AM

  • Sun 11 - 12 PM

  • Sun 1:30 - 2:30 PM

Cost : 

  • Group class -

    • $160 per month

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  • Private Lessons -

    • $50 per lesson

    • $450 for 10 lessons

TT Friday Club (Fridays 6-9 pm)

  • $25 per month

  • Enroll for 3 months and get $25 off

Group & private lessons : Ask us about family discounts.

Max student per class: 8

Email coach: or text 315.400.2648


  • 1 month $25

    3 months $50

  • 6 months $90

  • 1 year $150

  • Seniors - Daily $8

  • Regular Daily Fee $10 or $5 per hour


Skill: Beginners with no prior exposure to table tennis. Equipment: All equipment table tennis paddle balls will be provided

Dress Code: Sports shirts and shorts, except white and orange so balls are visible. 

Supervision: Children will be under adult supervision at all times.

Message from the Coach (ITTF Certified) - Amit Shrivastava

Dear Parents,

Table tennis is the most popular indoor sport in the world. Millions of players play this amazing sport in almost every country. Table tennis is a lifetime sport; a child who starts at 5 years of age can enjoy the sport till 80 and beyond. While everyone can enjoy table tennis as a recreational play, it does demands a lot more as competitive sport. My goal is to get the kids excited about this sport and play and love the real sport instead of playing it on WII or other electronic devices.

My approach is to work with kids to understand their limits, the coach and the parents of the child form a team and create and support framework and let the child achieve their potential.

Here are my thoughts on why I feel this can be a life changing sport for you and your child.

Opportunity: While Asia and Europe dominate table tennis arena on the international front, USA and Canada are lacking behind, this creates a window for opportunity for players to play in nationals, be part of the national team and represent their countries, players who would otherwise would not get that chance if they lived in China. I am not saying it is easy, it is not.. it requires motivation, hard work and dedication to the sport by the player and their support system. Remember persistence does pay at the end.

Injury: While opportunities exist in several high profile games, the chances of getting injured are also very high. Although injuries can occur in table tennis, it is an extremely low injury sport; we train with the intent to avoid getting any injuries at all and stay in top shape.

Availability: Most outdoor sports are played in the summer; some indoor sports are so expensive that you may have to think twice before committing to them while in others kids may not get any exercise at all. Table tennis can be played in your basement, in a club, or in a tournament all year around, a blizzard outside is a very good reason go play. In full disclosure Table Tennis can get expensive if you have to take your child to an out of state tournament, mostly due to travelling costs.

Skill: Controlling a ball that is 40.2 mm in diameter and weighing only 2.7 grams with a small paddle is hard, it is not easy to make the ball land on the opponent’s side that is 4.5 feet long 5 feet wide. It is a hard skill to know and put that ball exactly where you want it.  Now think of that ball travelling at speeds of 65 miles plus, like your car on Interstate 95, wait.... that car is spinning on some axis at 3000 rpm. It gets exponentially hard. The science of the sport is well understood but it is the artist from within that creates that winning point.

Strategy: Reading, Understanding and playing against your opponents strong points makes you constantly think. Strategizing and structuring your game so the opponent is not allowed to play "their" game in a short game of 11 points needs keen eyes, quick thinking. Formulating and validating strategies and sticking with them is the key to win the games.  

Physical: Table tennis an alactic and anaerobic sport, we use this energy system in our bodies for about the first 15 seconds of high intensity work. A typical sport that only uses this system is 100 meter sprints. Table Tennis uses this during every point. A ball can cross that 9 feet table in about 11 milliseconds; the player has to get in the right place and in position in that time and hit the ball back. The sport requires the player’s reflexes to react so fast that you sometimes realize what you did seconds after you have done it.

Mental: Ability to start a point in the game and only focus on that ball and your opponent, so you see and track the ball travelling at a high speed requires extreme focus (Arjun only needed focus on a still toy bird). Players are trained to stay in this zone for the entire match. One thought of disappointment, excitement, pre-monition can bring you down from the top of your game. 

Every child has the potential to train and become really good at this sport. Opportunity to play in championship tournaments at state and national level is closer than we think. 

Kanak Jha represented American at the 2016 Summer Olympics at Rio in the men's singles event; he has already proven that people of Indian origin can do well in this sport.


Amit Srivastava, Ayush Srivastava 

Payment and Missed Class Policy:

Training requires consistency in order to achieve the most benefit. However, we understand that students may occasionally need to miss a class. Use the following guidelines to ensure that you get the most out of your classes at The Academy of Creative Arts. 

  1. Your fees are due on or before the first class in a month

  2. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card

  3. If you pay for several months in advance and cannot complete all months, we will refund months not used when notice is received before the beginning of the month

  4. If you or your child plan to miss a class - 48 hour advance notice is required - so another student can be accommodated - if the student does not provide 48 hour notice, student can coordinate the make-up class with the instructor.

  5. Your monthly fee pays for your space in class for the month. It is your responsibility to make up classes if you or your child miss the class.

  6. One makeup class will be offered each month. During any month that you are enrolled, you may make up a class by attending any other appropriate session (please coordinate with the instructor for scheduling the make up class). Make up classes should be completed within 60 days of missing the class. Fees for missed classes are not refundable.

  7. If you are having trouble scheduling a make up class, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you

  8. Class timings and schedule are subject to change

We wish you a wonderful learning experience - these policies are required so that we can be respectful of the instructors time and commitment.