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  • Sat - 11 am - 11:30 am

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  • 30 Min lessons - $160/4 week session

  • 45 Min lessons - $240/4 week session

    (Please email us to sign up for 45 mins lessons @info@academyofcreativearts.com)

Students of all levels and ages are welcome to sign up and cultivate a love for music.

Private Piano Lessons

Private lessons allow students to work closely with a professional musician and work more in depth on their instrument. They will develop a more professional tone and better technique as a result, and instructors will be able to cater to each student's personal goals.


Instructor : Yale's musical career got off to an early start -- from being a featured percussionist performer with the Rochester Philharmonic while in elementary school -- to taking graduate level composition courses at the prestigious Eastman School of Music as a high school student.  His studies continued graduating from the University of Miami magna cum laude with a degree in Composition-Theory (Piano Principal) -- followed by graduate film scoring studies at UCLA, ASCAP and BMI  in Los Angeles.

Professional training was provided by pianists Dr. Richard Egner. George Roth and Wally Cirillo -- composers Earle Hagen, Clifton Williams, Don Ray, Lalo Schifrin, Alfred Reed and Fred Karlin -- and percussionist John Beck, among others. This experience has resulted in collaborative projects with documentary director Ken Burns (PBS), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), author Stephen King, Books on Tape and radio/television commercials.

His performance credits reads like a who's-who of music industry heavyweights -- having performed with Paul Cotton (Poco), Greg Kihn, Bryan Savage, the Miami Philharmonic -- and in bands with members of Earth Wind and Fire, Survivor, REO Speedwagon, Christopher Cross, and Spock's Beard.  Extensive recording and performance experience completes the overall picture.

With a true passion for teaching, Yale can guide you through musical styles as varied as classical, jazz (including improvisation) and popular/rock (keyboard orchestration) – as well as helping aspiring songwriters meet their creative artistic potential.  He has developed some unique learning and practicing techniques that are adapted for each students needs with quicker and more complete end results

DID YOU KNOW? - Music education and its positive effect on students -

Music is integral for children's academic development. Playing an instrument helps train children to remain focused for long periods of time. Studies have shown that studying music is linked to better academic performance as well - reading and playing music sharpens memorization and cultivates the desire to improve. 

Children who play a musical instrument over the course of a few years are more likely to excel in their studies, work better in teams, have enhanced critical thinking skills, and pursue further education. Not only does the simple act of playing an instrument improve technical coordination skills, but music engages areas of the brain that are involved with paying attention and making predictions.

Although playing an instrument can be a challenge, students acquire a sense of achievement after reaching their goals and will be driven to persevere musically as well as in other aspects of life. They learn discipline and the benefits of individual effort, and playing in group ensembles teaches camaraderie, interdependence, and the importance of individual responsibility. 

Payment and Missed Class Policy:

Training requires consistency in order to achieve the most benefit. However, we understand that students may occasionally need to miss a class. Use the following guidelines to ensure that you get the most out of your classes at The Academy of Creative Arts. 

  1. Your fees are due on or before the first class in a month

  2. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card

  3. If you pay for several months in advance and cannot complete all months, we will refund months not used when notice is received before the beginning of the month

  4. If you or your child plan to miss a class - 48 hour advance notice is required - so another student can be accommodated - if the student does not provide 48 hour notice, student can coordinate the make-up class with the instructor.

  5. Your monthly fee pays for your space in class for the month. It is your responsibility to make up classes if you or your child miss the class.

  6. One makeup class will be offered each month. During any month that you are enrolled, you may make up a class by attending any other appropriate session (please coordinate with the instructor for scheduling the make up class). Make up classes should be completed within 60 days of missing the class. Fees for missed classes are not refundable.

  7. If you are having trouble scheduling a make up class, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you

  8. Class timings and schedule are subject to change

We wish you a wonderful learning experience - these policies are required so that we can be respectful of the instructors time and commitment.