CLASS : "Masti Ki Pathshaala" - Learn Hindi

Philosophy : "Masti Ki Pathshala" (the class of fun) is a unique style developed by Preetesh for learning Hindi language and culture through play dates and games (for kids) and fun activities (for all ages)

The philosophy is based on the fact that learning the Hindi Language is an easy task for anyone, the difficult part is to decide that you want to learn and why you want to learn. Kids with Indian parents can especially learn it very fast as long as they want to learn it. They are pretty smart :-), it is just that they need to finalize that this is something they want to learn, after which it is not that difficult a path.

The aim of MKP (Masti Ki PathShala) is to first make them love these classes through various fun-filled elements, then develop their interest for the language and culture, and then make sure that they are learning it well.

So far the journey has been great, efficient and fun-filled. Kids enjoy these classes a lot and wait for the next one and their interest in Hindi language and culture has grown well with this effective method. References are available on request.


While the curriculum contains the following broad points/chapters/milestones, it is decided on the basis of need of the class and level of the students.

  • Day/Time : Fall Classes Start Oct 7th
  • Sat 12:30 - 1.15 pm (Kids 8-13 yrs)
  • Sat 1.15 - 2 pm (Adults)
  • Sat 2.15 - 3 pm (Kids 5 - 8 yrs)


  • Fees : $250 - 10 Class Session
  • Students : 8 - 15 students per class
  • Location :  12 A Street, Burlington, MA 01803

Reading and writing:

  • Hindi Varnmala
  • Matraayen
  • Grammar
  • Word formation
  • Sentence formations
  • Reading comics/magazines/books
  • Reading literature
  • Writing short stories/essays/articles

Speaking and conversations:

  • Common vocabulary - numbers, colors, food items, body parts etc.
  • Use of grammar
  • Simple conversations and sentence formation
  • Greetings and social conversations
  • Basic essentials when travelling to India
  • Participating in short skits
  • Introduction to literature
  • Continuous conversation practice
  • Working towards language proficiency

About Preetesh Shrivastava (Founder - Masti Ki Pathshaala)

  • Preetesh is the Founder and President of Hindi Manch, a non-profit organization focusing on support and promotion of Hindi language and culture through various social, cultural and educational activities. Preetesh holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering and technology. He has been working with Infosys, since the last 16 years and is part of Infosys Tier Leadership – future leaders of Infosys. 
  • Preetesh is also the Hindi Narrator for world famous language learning course – ‘Pimsleur’ from Simon & Schuster, Inc.
  • Preetesh is the Host of upcoming TV programs on TV ASIA – Surilee Family with Bollywood celebrities Shri Suresh Wadkar and Padmini Kolhapure and ‘Gata Rahe Mera Dil’ with Anandji from the famous Kalyannji Anandji duo.
  • Preetesh published his first book Mirchi-Cola in April 2012. He is a writer and has been writing in various magazines and newspapers.
  • Preetesh is listed as one of the 50 most influential people among South Asians in New England.
  • Preetesh is a theater artiste. He has performed in and directed various plays. Preetesh has also given multiple performances for stand-up comedy and has received the Amazing artiste of the Year award for his stand-up comedy.
  • Preetesh takes weekly Hindi classes for kids with a goal to spread the love for language and culture.

Payment and Missed Class Policy:

Training requires consistency in order to achieve the most benefit. However, we understand that students may occasionally need to miss a class. Use the following guidelines to ensure that you get the most out of your classes at The Academy of Creative Arts. 

  1. Your fees are due on or before the first class in a month
  2. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card
  3. If you pay for several months in advance and cannot complete all months, we will refund months not used when notice is received before the beginning of the month
  4. If you or your child plan to miss a class - 48 hour advance notice is required - so another student can be accommodated - if the student does not provide 48 hour notice, student can coordinate the make-up class with the instructor.
  5. Your monthly fee pays for your space in class for the month. It is your responsibility to make up classes if you or your child miss the class. 
  6. One makeup class will be offered each month. During any month that you are enrolled, you may make up a class by attending any other appropriate session (please coordinate with the instructor for scheduling the make up class).  Make up classes should be completed within 60 days of missing the class. Fees for missed classes are not refundable.
  7. If you are having trouble scheduling a make up class, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you
  8. Class timings and schedule are subject to change

We wish you a wonderful learning experience - these policies are required so that we can be respectful of the instructors time and commitment.