US Olympic Certified Instructor


  • Tue 6:15 - 7 pm (Kids 8+)

  • Tue 7 - 8 pm (Adults)

  • Thu 6:15 - 7 pm (Kids 8+)

  • Thu 7 - 8 pm (Adults)

Class Duration: 45 mins class two times a week

Fees: $100 per Month (Drop ins welcome @ $20)

What is Karate ? 

Karate is not a game of points, weight classes or showy demonstrations. It is a martial art and way of life that trains a practitioner to be peaceful; but if conflict is unavoidable, true karate dictates taking down an opponent with a single blow. Such an action requires strength, speed, focus, control. But these physical aspects are only part of the practice; they are just the vehicle, not the journey itself.

True karate is based on Bushido. In true karate, the body, mind and spirit—the whole person—must be developed simultaneously. Through kihon, kumite and kata we learn to control our movements. But more importantly, we learn to give up control too. We can perform the techniques without thinking about them, and remain focused without having to concentrate on any one thing. In essence, the body remembers how to move and the mind remembers how to be still.This harmonious unity of mind and body is intensely powerful. Even the greatest physical strength and skill are no match for the power of wholeness.

The result of true karate is natural, effortless action, and the confidence, humility, openness and peace only possible through perfect unity of mind and body. This is the core teaching of Zen,Karate is divided in three section  Kihon,( Basics)  Kata ( combination of basics) & Kumite ( fight). We teach Shotokan karate .

1. Total body workout
2. Healthy Lifestyle
3. Self confidence
4. Muscle tone
5. Self Defense
6. Learn-Discipline/ Respect


We are not just another run of the mill Karate activity class, rather Boston Karate Institute is affiliated with Japan Karate Association World Federation (Japan) as well USA National Karate Federation (Division of US Olympic) , which is affiliated with World Karate Federation (http://www.wkf.net/).

We follow the Japan Karate Association Ranking and Certification System: http://jka.or.jp/en/karate/dan_rank.html

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR - YUVRAJ JOSHI (Founder Boston Karate Institute - Certified Instructor from USANKF - Division of US Olympic)

Yuvraj Joshi is a certified Instructor from USANKF (Division of US Olympic) Japan Karate Association, All India Karate do Federation as well from World Karate Federation which is affiliated by International Olympic Committee. He has taught many students in India and USA and is still actively teaching students to excel and prepare for olympics.
He holds 3rd Degree Black Belt from World Karate Federation, 2nd Degree from Japan Karate Association, 2nd Degree from All India Karate do Federation. He has over 20 years experience teaching Karate to various age groups. He is an active member of Japan karate Association World Federation of America. He is the only Instructor in Massachusetts who is connected with USA/NKF /US Olympics DivisIon.  Mr. JOSHI is the one only instructor who has Judge qualification from USA/NKF in Massachusetts. Mr Joshi was the Chicago JKA/WF Team Manager in 2011 Nationals and got Bronze Medal in Kumite. Mr. Joshi will be supported by highly skilled Instructors like Mr Gopal Krishan 6th Degree Black Belt from KAI-India, 4th Dan From SKIF-Japan.& Mr Neeraj Dhawan 6th Dan from JKA Japan.and many more Instructors from all over world.

Payment and Missed Class Policy:

Training requires consistency in order to achieve the most benefit. However, we understand that students may occasionally need to miss a class. Use the following guidelines to ensure that you get the most out of your classes at The Academy of Creative Arts. 

  1. Your fees are due on or before the first class in a month

  2. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card

  3. If you pay for several months in advance and cannot complete all months, we will refund months not used when notice is received before the beginning of the month

  4. If you or your child plan to miss a class - 48 hour advance notice is required - so another student can be accommodated - if the student does not provide 48 hour notice, student can coordinate the make-up class with the instructor.

  5. Your monthly fee pays for your space in class for the month. It is your responsibility to make up classes if you or your child miss the class.

  6. One makeup class will be offered each month. During any month that you are enrolled, you may make up a class by attending any other appropriate session (please coordinate with the instructor for scheduling the make up class). Make up classes should be completed within 60 days of missing the class. Fees for missed classes are not refundable.

  7. If you are having trouble scheduling a make up class, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you

  8. Class timings and schedule are subject to change

We wish you a wonderful learning experience - these policies are required so that we can be respectful of the instructors time and commitment.