DASTANGOI - The lost Art of Urdu Storytelling... by Ankit Chadha

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So what is Dastangoi ?

Dastan - An epic tale ,   Dastango- Storyteller 

Dastangoi – Recitation of a Dastan (In a Dramatic Way)

Ankit Chadha is the leading practitioner of the form of Hindi/Urdu storytelling, and has spoken on Dastangoi globally, including at Harvard, Yale, NYU and University of Toronto. He is the author of two award-winning books. For more details,  please visit: https://www.ankitchadha.in/

Ankit will be presenting Praarthanaa , a Dastan Celebrating ‘life and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi’. Praarthana was conceived during Ankit's fellowship at the Sabarmati Ashram.

Ankit will also be presenting an entertaining ‘Dastan-e-Khanabadosh’ Did you know that "khanabadosh" means the one who carries his home (khana) on his shoulders (dosh). Like the herder following the herd. Storyteller Ankit Chadha has followed the herders in Gujarat, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan, to bring us their tales of living lightly on this earth. An engrossing tale which Ankit has performed at dozens of places in India and abroad.