Emily is a painter of oils and acrylics, known for her expressive, loose style. She works from observation, both in the studio and “plein air” and describes her work as a ‘reaction to’ the observation of a subject, with a loaded brush, as opposed to a rendering of a “pretty” scene.  She paints in a method that the application and treatment of her brushwork have as much importance as the objects or scene she is painting. Her work is in galleries in New England and private collections internationally.

After earning both a fine arts degree and a Master’s in Education, she had a successful career as an educator and graphic designer. She teaches privately in her barn-studio in Lexington, Massachusetts and at various educational venues. 

Class Description

This class will focus on how to paint using a still-life as reference. You will learn to mix color, observe, make a quick sketch, and create a good composition. Start to understand values, and learn basic color and brush techniques. Let’s simplify the world around us and learn to make acrylic paintings!

Date: August 16th & 17th

Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm | 3 hour class per day

Fees: 2 day session - $99 

Students: 5 – 12 students per class

Payment and Missed Class Policy:

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